Is it possible for strangers to fall in love?

When we hear songs like “Strangers in the Night,” we tend to believe that falling in love with someone we never met is true. Can true love happen just like that? There are so many romantic movies such as “Sleepless in Seattle” that make it seem possible to fall in love with someone by just seeing them. 


Physical attraction

The shocking truth is that we are moved to desire someone purely based on physical attraction. We desire to mate based on our being at the top of the animal kingdom. Our lust is triggered and our mind is conditioned to want someone so badly that it can be an obsession.

Even online dating apps can make us fall in love by simply seeing a picture. If we are on the hunt for a mate, our instincts will bring us to focus our sexual desires on someone that there, available or not. The lust can turn into love, as it does happen all the time. 

Brain reaction

What triggers the desire is a chemical reaction in the brain. No one can help it as it just happens. Even those who are faithful to their partners will have moments when they find someone else that sparks their sexual desire. It is a matter of control not to pursue another partner, but it is possible that when they make love to their partner, they will think of another person.

Sex outside the marriage

The truth of the matter is that just a few decades ago, society’s standards made it not possible for a couple to make out without the bonds of marriage. Though many still frown on the sex outside marriage up to today, it is more acceptable. Due to the pressure of having to fit in, a lot of couples got married just to have sex. What happens next is that the marriage will create other responsibilities that the two have to tackle together. Many people do have marriages that last but there are more who become unfaithful or have broken relationships due to their having to get married.

Times have changed and people no longer have to base their marriage on the ‘go-signal’ for them to have a sexual relationship. More people are getting married at an older age nowadays, unlike before when teenage marriages were common. Society’s standards have changed to adapt to the reality that sexual desire isn’t enough for a couple to stay together. 

Go online

Society has changed so much that it is now common practice to get laid using apps for sex dates. Millions of people all over the world go online to find a hookup. Love can develop and the couple that met just for sex can decide to continue to get married, but there is no longer the pressure to do so. 

Our bodies make us want someone as our minds can get triggered to be attracted to someone that we have never met. We can fall in love at first sight, and those love songs and romantic movies are true. Love is a decision to continue the relationship, no matter what happens.